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The language of the General Terms and Conditions is Hungarian.
The following is a translation for your information only. In case this translation is in any way different from the corresponding Hungarian version, the Hungarian version is considered true and original.

General terms and conditions (GTC)

1 Definitions

1.1 Service provider's data

Company name: Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé Kft.
Representatives: Csiszár Katalin and/or Szabad Zsolt
Company address: 1221, Bp., Ringló út 33.
Tax no.: 14391855-2-43
EU VAT no.: HU14391855
Trade register no.: 01-09-901816
Hereafter„Service provider”.

1.2 Service provider's contacts

Office and postal address:
1221, Bp., Ringló út 33.
Phone: +36 30 683 1228
Fax: +36 1 226 3209
E-mail: info@rozsavolgyi.com
Customer service lines are open on working days from 8 until 16.

1.3 The customer

Who on Service provider's webpage (www.rozsavolgyi.com) orders any service or product through the webshop , and accepts to be bound by the GTC.

1.4 The objective of the General Terms and Conditions

The General Terms and Conditions (GTC) lays out the general conditions of the contractual relationship between the Service provider and the Customer. Concerning topics that are not discussed here, the operative Hungarian laws and regulations are authoritative.

1.5 Acceptance of the GTC

The acceptance of the GTC by the Customer is a prerequisite of making a purchase and/or a recourse of a service. The GTC is considered to be accepted if the Customer uses a service provided by the Service provider.

1.6 Effect of the GTC

Service provider keps the rights to alter parts or the whole of the GTC at any time. The GTC and its changes will take effect at the time of its publication. The GTC will remain in effect until the Service provider provides the service.

The current GTC is effective from 10. January 2012., until recalled or replaced.

1.7 The service

Service provider through its webshop at the www.rozsavolgyi.com web address offers mainly its own products and services for booking, order or sale. Furthermore, it ocassionally offers customized and limited edition items and/or services to order. The ordered products and services, depending on their nature and the Customer's preference and/or special arrangements and discussion between Service provider and Customer, can be picked up from Service provider's shop (1053, Budapest, Királyi Pál utca 6.) by the Customer, can be delivered by a courier service, or delivered by Service provider directly to the Customer.
All pictures that appear with the names and descriptions of products and/or services are for illustration only. The actual products may differ from the pictures. As products and services are being continuously developed and improved, their features, contents, packaging may be different from what appears in the wbeshop.
The prices include local taxes and duties, however exclude packaging and postage/shipping fees and charges.

1.8 Geographical effect of the service

The service can be reached and used from inside or outside of Hungary.

1.9 Data protection

During the browsing session of the webshop some technical data are recorded (e.g. log files that contain the user's IP address, timestamps, URLs visited). These information are collected for statistical and tracking purposes, however, it can not be used for personal identification.

For all orders invoices are created that will be stored in a way and for a period of time regulated by law.

All provision of information during registration and usage of the Website is voluntary. The Customer may choose freely whether to provide the requested information or data. All data through the Website is being handled, recorded and stored with the voluntary, definite and expressed consent and approval of the Customer. Service provider requests, stores and uses personal data solely in order to fulfil the orders of the Customer, or provide a service requested by the Customer. Some Customer data that are necessary to deliver the products are passed on to forwarders, who in turn declare protection of these data in a contract. Customers may request information about the handling of their personal data in writing (formal letter or email). On the Customer's request, Service provider will display, modify or delete personal data (except those recorded on invoices or other documents and forms that are to be kept by law).

2 Contractual reationship's effection and modification

2.1 General attributes

The contract comes into effect if and when the Customer starts using the service laid out in 1.7. provided by Service provider, which at the same time means acceptance of the GTC by the Customer. The order is valid when the Customer approves it in its final form. Service provider guarantees that the bankcard of the Customer will only be charged if and when the Customer approves its intention to pay via the internet payment application.

2.2 Modification and cancellation of the service

For services tied to a certain deadline, disputes, modifications and cancellation can be initiated within 8 working days of the approval of the service, but the latest 5 working days prior to the provision of the service.

2.3 Payment conditions

Customer may choose from the following payment methods:

  • cash on delivery: the full amount due is to be paid to the courier in cash. The courier will then hand over the package or packages conataining the ordered items to the Customer,

  • personal pick-up: in Service provider's shop (1053, Budapest, Királyi Pál utca 6.) by paying cash or using a bankcard (VISA, Mastercard),

  • electronically: using an internet payment solution via the webshop (VISA, Mastercard), having the order checked and approved.

  • 3 Rights and obligations

    3.1 Service providers obligations and liability

    3.1.1 Service provider provides the Service intermittently in return for the Customer's fulfilment of its payment obligations. Intermittence of the Service (e.g. summer shut-down, end-of-year holiday period) and its duration is clearly displayed by Service provider on its website. Service provider ensures that during an intermittent period no order can be placed for products and/or services.

    3.1.2 Service provider is not liable for any harm, loss, damage or disadvantage that stem from power, Act of God, natural disaster, or other reason or event, for which Service provider cannot be held responsible.

    3.1.3 Service provider reserves the right of changing the prices witout prior notice, and does not underatke to be responsible for any mistakes, errors that might occur on its website. The displayed prices and charges contain the corresponding common charges and taxes, including VAT.

    3.1.4 Service provider stores the Customer's data in order to fulfil the contract and to keep proof of the contract's cirumstances and conditions for possible disputes. However Service provider is not permitted to relay data for advertising or other pruposes without the pronounced consent of the Customer, excluding information forwarded to subcontractors that are necessary to fulfil the order (e.g. delivery information given to the couriers).

    3.1.5 Customer notices and complaints
    Customers can report any mistakes or problems at Service providers Customer Service, in Service provider's shop, or at the bolt@rozsavolgyi.com e-mail address. Service provider investigates all reports and coomplaints within 30 days and notifies the Customer about the outcome. Service provider keeps a record of all reports and complaints. Service provider will act without delay to correct all problems that were reported, and after due investigation, found substantial and within the liability of the Service provider.

    3.1.6 Shipping charges
    The costs of shipping, handling and packaging will be charged to the Customer (in special cases Service provider may choose to cover these charges), however, Service provider undertakes to be responsible for the timeliness and safety of shipping, as well as any damages and loss during transportation.

    The webshop calculates the Shipping and handling fees due, and will display it for the Customer prior to the approval of the order.

    3.1.7 Shipping times
    Service provider assumes responsibility that the items ordered will be handed over to the forwarder within the shortest possible time, preferably on the next working day following the placement of the order. In case the order cannot be shipped - because of shortages, or other reason -, until the 5th working day, Service provider will contact the Customer to inform about the reason of the delay, and the expected delivery date.

    3.2 Rights and obligations of the Customer

    3.2.1 Right of receding
    Customer may recede from the contract within 8 working days without explanation as laid out in the government decree 17/1999. Customers may exert their right to recede from the time they received their purchased goods or services. In case Service provider does not inform the Customer adequately, as described in the above decree, Customer may exert its right to recede for 3 months from the receipt of the goods or services. If within the 3 months an adequate information is given to the Customer, the Customer may exert the right to recede from the contract within 8 working days of receiving the information. The merchant is bound to make a full refund of the amount paid for the goods or services by the Customer immediatley, but no later than 30 days after the receding was ecerted. The refund does not apply to the shippin and handling fees. All charges related to the return of the goods because of receding from the service are to be borne by the Customer. No other charges apply for the Customer. The merchant, however, may claim compensation of its losses that stem from misuse of the goods by the Customer. Customer may not exert its right to recede in relation to goods that were made specifically to the Customer's sepcifications or request, that are specifically related to the Customer, or are, by their nature, impossible to return, or perishable.

    3.2.2 The process of exerting the right to recede
    In case the Customer wishes to exert its right to recede, Customer may do so in writing, in the form of a letter or via e-mail, referring to the concerned goods and or services, and the order number. All charges related to the return of goods are to be borne by the Customer. Packages that are sent Cash-on-Delivery to the Service provider without prior agreement will not be accepted or taken over.

    3.2.3 Customer needs to provide correct and accurate information for the provision of the Service, and for the online bankcard payment, in case that is selected by the Customer.

    3.2.4 Service provider is in no way responsible for any loss, damage or default resulted from incomplete, inaccurate or faulty data entered by the customer.

    3.2.5 Customer is bound to fulfill payment according to the selected payment method. Customer must ensure sufficient amounts of cash is available when payment is due. When using the online card payment option, Customer must have proper entitlement of the bank card used and sufficient funds available on the card for online payment.

    3.2.6 Customer may only vary from the selected method of payment with the consent of the Service provider. In case payment for the selected products and/or services is not fulfilled by the time it is due, Service provider consideres the order void.

    3.2.7 Customer must properly inspect all products delivered (in the presence of the courier if it was delivered by a courier), record any damages in a report, and notify Service provider without delay.

    4 Online bankcard payment solution

    4.1 General information and regulations

    4.1.1 Bank card payment is processed via the secure server of Budapest Bank Nyrt. using safe (128 bit) SSL coding, to protect customer data from unauthorized access via the Internet.

    4.1.2 Service provider may only use data that is entered or generated during a payment transaction in order to process the payment authorized by the Customer. Service provider does not possess and/or store any other information related to the payment card or the cardholder.

    4.1.3 Service provider does not assume responsibility for any loss or damage resulted from unauthorized usage of the Customer's (cardholder's) password by a third person as a result of the Customer's (cardholder's) fault.
    Customer shall waive the right to make any subsequent claim concerning the price of the ordered and provided products and/or services.

    4.1.4 Handling of problems resulted from faulty, missing or incomplete data entries

    Service provider assumes no responsibility for any loss, damage or default resulted from incomplete, inaccurate or faulty data entered by the customer. Service provider is not obliged to make a payback, or process a refund in such cases, however Service provider will investigate all reported cases and claims without delay.

    4.1.5 In case the Customer initiates and completes a payment with an amount that exceeds the price of the ordered products and/or services, Customer must notify the Service provider of the details and circumstances without delay via an email sent to: bolt@rozsavolgyi.com. The email must contain the amount overpaid, the transaction ID and transaction time. Service provider will investigate the overpayment within 15 days, and if the claim is found rightful, initiates a refund. Service provider notifies the Customer of the results of the investigation in an email (via the email address provided during registration).

    4.1.6 In case the Customer initiates and completes a payment with an amount that is less than the price of the ordered products and/or services, the Service provider will notify the Customer of the underpayment, the amount outstanding and the possible ways of payment in an email (sent to the email address provided during registration). In case the outstanding amount is not settled within 8 days, Service provider will consider the order void, and refunds the already paid amount (excluding bank charges) to the Customer within 15 days.

    4.2 Accepted bankcard types

    4.2.1 Service provider accepts VISA and MASTERCARD type bank cards electronically in its webshop (Visa, Visa Electronic, Mastercard és Maestro).

    4.3 Currency of the bank card transaction

    4.3.1 Online card payments are settled in Hungarian Forints. In case prices are also shown in currencies other than Hungarian Forints, the settlements will be made in Hungarian Forints, the other currencies are only for information.